Justin Cowart, Planetary Geologist

I am Justin Cowart, a Ph.D Candidate in geosciences at Stony Brook University. I am studying the Martian surface using orbital remote sensing. I completed my undegrad degree specializing in geophysics at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

I particularly enjoy field geology and have been fortunate enough to explore many different field sites. As I flesh this site out more I hope to share my knowledge of these sites!

One of my hobbies is exploring archival photography from space missions. These records may supplement new scientific observations, but they are also fun to dig through! Many of these observations are just collecting dust, despite providing beautiful views of our Solar System. I try to discover these gems to continue to add value to the millions of human-hours that went into building and managing the probes that voyaged into deep space.

Occasionally I write. My work has been previously featured on the Planetary Society blog.