Projects and Writing

Image Processing

2022-06-11 - Exploring Mars' Color with CRISM. Exploring human perceptual color with the CRISM imaging spectrometer.

2021-04-24 - Interpreting a Fresh-Looking Impact Site in Tharsis. Using an image of a new crater to understand what happened during the impact.

2021-03-10 - Colorizing Perseverance LCAM Imagery. Colorizing black and white imagery taken high above Jezero Crater.

2021-01-17 - The Solwind Comets (Pt. 1). A history of the Solwind mission.


2020-05-28 - The Great American Eclipse. A long recollection of witnessing the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse from southern Illinois.

2015-02-28 - Making the First Sighting of the Comet from Earth. Brief story of applying my hobby in astrophotography to spot a disintegrating sungrazing comet from Earth.